Keeping You Safe

Your Safety is Important to Us

Safety is, of course, top of mind for everyone these days—including all of us at the Verbier Festival. Plans for our 28th edition will be adjusted in response to public health measures as they evolve. Together with Unisanté, the University Centre for General Medicine and Public Health in Lausanne, we have developed a wide-ranging public health protocol to ensure the safety of our patrons, artists and Festival team. Inevitably things will be different in 2021 and we will need to remain vigilant and adaptable. That said, each decision we have taken has kept the warmth and spirit of our Festival at its heart.

We encourage you to read the following summary of what we’re doing to keep everyone safe this summer in Verbier.


Arrival at Mainstage Performances

We ask that you arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before a Mainstage performance’s start-time.

Traceability will be especially important this summer and we call upon each person’s sense of civic responsibility to do his or her part. If you or anyone in your household has had any Covid-19 symptoms within 10 days to the performance you are attending, however fleeting, please stay home for everyone’s safety.

Masks must be worn at all times inside our venues, including during performances, as well as outdoors at Festival sites wherever physical distancing is more difficult to maintain. Please bring your own masks with you to performances.

As always, during your visit, the Verbier Festival team will be available to assist you. Additionally this summer, our Covid-Patrol will be standing by to provide hand sanitizer and to ensure all our guests are wearing facemasks and observing social distancing measures.  There will be plenty of hand sanitizer stations around each Festival venue too.

Please note that no bar service is presently planned at Salle des Combins, in the interest of eliminating places where people can congregate en masse. Furthermore, there will be no pre-concert chats offered this summer. Instead, our regular collaborators Stephen Johnson and Michèle Larivière will record their popular talks and interviews so that you may stream them on your mobile devices prior to concerts.

Entering Mainstage Venues

More entrances will be available at Salle des Combins this summer than in the past, allowing for dedicated entrances for corresponding seating categories. Twenty minutes before the performance we’ll start to manage your entry into Salle des Combins or the Verbier Église.

We will ask you to follow a one-way system that will lead you toward the entrances of our venues. Upon entry, we may take your temperature using a simple hand-held device that we will point towards your forehead—without touching the skin—to gain an instant reading. It takes less than a minute and means you can continue your visit with confidence. In the event of a high temperature reading of 38C or more, you will be asked to remain outside for ten minutes, at which time you will be screened again. If your temperature remains high you will not be permitted to enter the venue and will be asked to return home.

Tickets will be checked using an electronic contactless system, which also allows for easy contact tracing. Apps like ‘Social Pass’ may also be implemented as an additional contact tracing precaution.

To minimise risk, the majority of our concerts have been programmed to last around 70 minutes each, and will be presented without intermission. Salle des Combins will present two performances most evenings—each with a distinct programme. The capacity of our venues will be reduced and seating plans will be adapted to allow for distancing measures.

All seating is arranged either by household groups or single seats, with at least one seat empty either side. Intervening seats will not be removed but will be clearly blocked from use.

Once you’ve taken your seat, we ask you to remain in it until the end of the performance.

After Performances

At the end of each performance we will direct you to leave our venues swiftly from multiple exits to avoid congestion at the doors. We appreciate your patience and ask that you please be mindful of others upon your exit.

All venues will be ventilated and sanitized after each performance and rehearsal.

Academy & Unlimited

For most Academy and Unlimited events, reservations will be required via the Festival’s website. Reservations for masterclasses and open rehearsals are offered exclusively to Friends of the Verbier Festival until the Festival’s opening on 16 July.

Safety protocols developed in collaboration with